Company History

PawMarks was started in 1987 by Gillian Marks with just the bands. After a number of years Gillian retuned to New Zealand and sold her business to Debbie Burke. I purchased the business from Debbie Burke in 2006. It was basically just bands and bows at the time but I have expanded the business to include all manner of items that are needed to pamper and take care of long coated dogs.

I started out in the retail business in 1969 working in a large department store as a buyer. Then went to work for a small business where we started a children's clothing catalog which as the business progressed included an online presence as well. My dog career started in 1973 with the purchase of a Lhasa Apso that I began showing which has turned into 40 years of showing and breeding. PawMarks is the combination of the two things I know the most about and love. PawMarks bands are manufactured just for us, we have an outstanding bow-maker and I have great fun finding and developing items for the business.

Susan S Giles