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Espana Silk Protein Detangler Spray 1/2 Liter

Espana Silk Protein Detangler Spray 1/2 Liter


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Item #: espdet.5

Description: This emollient spray is non-oily and alcohol-free so it will not dry out your hair or your pets or dull its coat. It provides superior detangling, healthy hydration and protein enhanced treatments to hair, coat, mane and tail. A bonus is that it also provides sunscreen with UV protection as it seals and shines! Recommended as a final step after bathing and drying, it seals the hair/coat and repels dirt and dust so hair/coat stay cleaner and static free longer.Our spray is also great for daily brush-outs, coat maintenance between baths, and show prep.A favorite for every tack supply box. Great for dogs, cats, horses, all animals and people. Environmentally friendly! (Ready-to-use)

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