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Botaniqa Soothing & Shiny coat Shampoo 4L


Item #: bsscs105

Description: Soothing & Shiny coat Shampoo 4L Activate beauty of the coat •gives mositure •nourish •protects against tangling •giving the flexibility •long lasting conditioning effect Moisturizing & Protective Shampoo cleanses hair while helping maintain long-term conditioning and protection to your dogs coat. New deep moisture complex penetrate the hair for maximum effect. High level of active ingredients provide long-term conditioning and protection to the coat. Regular treatment help coat to achieve show effect and build coat between baths. Can be used on any type of coat without change its structure. Recommendation Excellent for long haired dogs with difficult coat. It helps to removes tangles, mats and protects before creating new ones. Best result can be achived together with Active Line Mask. How to use Dilution can be made from 1:5 till 1:20 depending of condition of the coat. In case of very damaged coat can be ised 1:1 as a first aid remedy. Second bath can be made with 1:5 dilution ratio.