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Triple Layer FaceMask 20% off

Item #: tlfm
Tri-Layer Fitted Mask - passed droplet tests 3 Layer Comfortable Moisture Barrier liFDA CR: 21CFR868.5450 PC: OBN Class Il
  • Face Mask with NO nose wire
  • 1. Outer layer provides Filtration, Moisture wicking, dissipates moisture; 100% micro-poly. 2. Inner layer provides Fluid block to prevent fluid from coming through or going out; non-woven poly material. 3. Surface to face layer provides - Comfort and aids in additional filtration: 100% micro-poly.
  • Washable
  • Reusable Face Mask with NO Nose Wire
  • Passed internal droplet test ONE SIZE FITS ALL ADULT: Mask Size 6 Inches (H), 9 Inches (W).
  • Covers Your Nose, Mouth, and Face. Elastic ear loops. Tighter fit to the face for better prevention of entry.
  • ESSENTIAL MASK: Protect your mouth and face from dust, cold, ash, pollen, allergies, flu, passive smoking, Etc.
  • Available on black or white.
  • Machine washable - hang to dry is best
  • Made in the USA
  • $22.99 $28.99
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